“Ballads and songs of Petro Murianka – part II”

Ballads and songs of Petro Murianka – part II is a already cult CD released in 2013 by Ruska Bursa Association in Gorlice. There are 21 authorial Lemko songs in new versions, performed by eminent artists: children of Petro Murianka, Julia Doszna, Susanna, Mirek Dziubina and ensembles: Terochka, Quadro Susanna and Digestors.

Apart from the compositions, the CD contains a music video to the song Posii zhe sja, posii by Quadro Susanna, shooted in the heart of Lemkovyna.

okladka_murianka_pisni2_v4.indd okladka_murianka_pisni2_v4.indd