Two Sundays – two events of American Rusyns

The Carpathorusyn Society  is a great acting organization and the numerous affiliates probably eveery weekend organize some events that are part of the broad diapason of the society’s activities. Recently we presented the current activity of the organization as an announcement of two events related to the coming Easter and now we can announce two further events, one of them will be about Easter again.

The events will take place one after another (two Sundays in a row). The first one will take place next Sunday, 2 April 2017 and the theme will be comparsion of Easter traditions in Europe and the USA. It will be led  by a Greek Catholic priest – Joan Cizmar. The lecture will take place in Parma, local library (Parma-Snow Library, 2121 Snow Road, Parma, OH), the tickets are free.

The further event organized by the most western affiliate of the society – North-Western, will take place on Sunday 9 April 2017 in Seattle, Washington, in one of the Polish centres (The Polish Home, 1714 18th Avenue, Seattle WA 98122). The topic will be a virtual journey through the Presovian Rus’ and the Carpathians that are Rusyns’ place of living. The lecture will be given by one of this year’s participants of the 7 International Summer School of Rusyn Language and Culture Studium Carpatho-Ruthenorum – Bonnie Burke who organized similar meeting last year where she was talking about her reflections – first in the North Carolina and then in Georgia. The second speaker will be Patrycja Krawczyk  a PhD that teaches at the College in Olimpia, dealing with Russian language and culture, Slavic studies and Russian and Slavic folklore.

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