«Puszcza. Opowieści karpackich buków»


Title: «Puszcza. Opowieści karpackich buków»
Author: Jola Richter-Magnuszewska
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Libra
Page numbers: 52

About book

This is a unique book, intended for children, but it will also captivate adult readers. Jola Richter-Magnuszewska describes with reverence and tenderness the magnificent organism that is the Forest, with its inhabitants and the relationships that exist among them. The captivating watercolor illustrations are interspersed with wise, popular science text. Drawing from the Vincenzowska legend of the ancient forest, she immerses us in a beautiful story based on reliable scientific facts.

🌱 It’s nine months of diligent work by the Author, which we watched with emotion and some impatience. It’s the years of her life spent close to nature, trying to understand the rules governing it. It’s drawing attention to what happens in the most complex and self-sufficient world. In a true perpetual motion machine, which is right here, even in the Bieszczady Mountains, in the Przemyśl Foothills, and many other places in the Carpathians. But this mechanism is universal and applies to all forested, relic enclaves, left to themselves, where life unfolds at its own pace, and the forest, without human interference, takes care of itself and its inhabitants.

🌱 To better understand the Forest, its history, including its prehistoric one, the Author visited many places, national parks, scientific institutions, and museums, drawing on the knowledge and guidance of many excellent professionals. She dedicated her book to the Yew Sisters, the Beech Brothers, and other ancient trees that did not live to see the creation of the Turnicki National Park.

Jola Richter-Magnuszewska – illustrator, author of children’s books. She has dozens of them to her credit. Recently, she prefers to create original books. Some of them have been nominated, recognized, and awarded, like “Wild Book about Wild Animals and Their Cousins,” and translated into many languages, like “A Year at the Market.” She lives with her husband, sons, and a group of animals on the edge of the Low Beskids, in a wooden cottage surrounded by a spruce forest. Here, every day, she can observe the world of nature and the relationships that occur within it. She values living in harmony with nature.