For the beginning of April – “Presov on the line” – Wednesday, 8PM

April has come to quickly. We are not able to do everything at the same time. This is not only the struggle of our editorial board. Everybody struggle with their everyday life. We are going to experience new life soon. Let’s wait together with us and you will be introduced with a new format and various new stuff related to our Lemko LEM.fm+ editorial board. New life is certainly Easter that is in already less than two weeks. This means in two weeks we are going to play more vividly and joyfully. And your favourite Circan programme is going to get crazy entirely.

When it comes to the new life, there is nothing that would exactly refer to our Presov programme. It will continue to be in our radio format, as our radio’s basis are educational programmes. Only the premiere day may be new, but you will be informed about it later. Because that every week there is only fresh news in the “Presov on the line” – this does not have to be reminded to regular, faithful listeners.

The programme itself does not change. Traditionally, the contents of a broadcast includes: Cultural kaleidoscope, Our celebrities, Historical Calendar, Perlichka and Rusyn.fm  Book. The last part today will include poems by Daniela Kapralova. Perlichka will remind us of church festival in Veliki Barov that took place in 1944.

Stay with us!

According to the Rusyn.fm programme format: We bring current information from the Rusyn environment and outside. With us, you will always be up-to-date on the most important information and with the Cultural kaleidoscope, you will never miss any cultural-social event in your region.


О авторі

Севериян Косовскiй

Народженый на чужыні. Матуриста з лемківского языка. Завершыл юридичный факультет Вроцлавского Університету. Окрем того што гев, час-до-часу дописує до часопису Бесіда. Головный редактор Лемківского Річника. Любитель давной Лемковины. Годен годинами слуxати про втрачене лемківскє щестя. Контакт: seweryjan@lem.fm