Jordan in Lemkovyna – blessing waters in Leszczyny (phot. Piotr Basałyga)

The day of 19 January 2017, as annually in the tradition of the Eastern Churches that follow the Julian Calendar, is celebrated in a particular way, as it is the day of Epiphany – the baptism of Jesus, commonly known as Jordan. On this day, after the Holy Mass, together with a priest, people go to participate in blessing of waters at nearby streams, rivers and if it is not possible, they bless waters inside churches. This tradition has survived until today in Lemkovyna. In villages where Lemkos live nowadays and Orthodox or Greek Catholic parishes function, the feast of Epiphany is joyfully celebrated. One of such villages, where waters are blessed every year at the river, is the village of Leszczyny in the middle Lemkovyna. The current Orthodox parish priest there is priest Andrzej Grycz (parish of Saint Luke).

Thanks to the photographer that cooperates with us – Piotr Basałyga – we can watch photos from Jordan in Lemkovyna, Leszczyny. Many thanks to the author of the photos for sharing them with us.

Jesus is baptized! – In the River Jordan!


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