Language Hocus Pocus (live) – Friday, 8PM

For those who are not fed up yet with the topic of writing І, И, Ы letters, we have the following news: today we are going to discuss the letters, we will be also closing this comprehensive chapter gradually. Before this, join Language Hocus Pocus in LEM.fm in which  today we are going to continue the topic of suffixes and endings in the Lemko standard of Rusyn, having in mind і-и-ы as a main topic of today’s programme. Let’s suffix today together!

The premiere of Language  Hocus Pocus on Friday, 31 March 2017 at 8PM  in the only in the world Lemko Internet radio LEM.fm.


О авторі

Демко Трохановскій

Актуальні ховат дві дівкы, а медже, по і попри тым - редактор інтернетового порталю lem.fm. Любитель языків. Вшыткых языків.