Piotr Trochanowski-Murianka awarded by the Council of Nowy Sącz County

On the request of the Mayor of Krynica, PhD Dariusz Reśko, on 19 Msy 2017 the Council of the Nowy Sącz County decided to grant the badge of “Deserved for the Sądecka Land” to Piotr Trochanowski. This was granted to him for eminent achievements for the Nowy Sącz County. The Lemko activist, poet, writer, composer and teacher will celebrate his 70th birthday this year.

 “Deserved for the Sądecka Land” is an honour for people who, by their activity, hugely contributed to the social development and promotion of the Nowy Sącz County. This year’s edition lasted until 21 April 2017, until that time the local authorities, foundations, outside-government and others could report the candidates. Among the people involved into activities within the Lemko environment, the awarded people were also amongo others: Wanda Łomnicka-Dulak (2003), a poet, regionalist and translator of works by Petro Murianka to Polish, as well as priest Piotr Pupczyk ((2014), an Orthodox parish priest of St. Vladimir in Krynica.

Granting the badge of “Deserved for the Sądecka Land” will take place on 22 June 2017 at 2PM during the XXIV Festival Meeeting of the Council of the Nowy Sącz County at Jagiellońska Street 33 in Nowy Sącz.


О авторі

Демко Трохановскій

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