Skansenova – museums in the Lesser Poland will be renovated

Monuments of wooden architecture gathered in the museums in the area of the Lesser Poland voivodeship will be entirely renovated thanks to the Skansenova project. The programme in which 8 partners participate, received financial support (about 9,1 mln zlotys) from the European Union.

According to the Marshal Office of the Lesser Poland Vivodeship, the whole cost of the planned investments is almost 13,7 mln zlotys. The money will be divided among seven partners with the support of the Lesser Poland Culture Institute. The project is led by the District Museum in Nowy Sącz, the partners are among others the District Museum in Tarnów, Karwacjany and Gładysz Family Manors Museum in Gorlice and Museum – Nadwiślański Ethnographic Park in Wygiezdów, as well as Lipowiec  Castle, the Museum Orawski Ethnographic Park, Museum in Sidzyn – Museum of National Culture, Museum Dobczyce – Museum of W. Kowalski.

Within the project, the Sądecki Ethographic Park that is a part of the District Museum in Nowy Sącz, will carry out a complex renovation of the buildings in sectors: Pogórze, Dworski, German colonists and Lemko. The Karwacjany and Gładysz Manors Museum planned renovation works in the Maziarska Farm in Łosie, as well as moving a wooden object there and adaptation it for an exhibition.

Overall, within the whole project, works within 104 monuments will be carried out, including four objects that will be moved. 80 objects will be adapted for disabled people, also 8 permanent exhibitions will be modernized.

The whole cost of the project is around 13,7 mln and the EU support crossed 9,1 mln zlotys. The European funds come from the Operational Programme Infrastructure and Environment for 2014-2020, the rest is support from the Marshal Office (9,5%), as well as institutions of culture and communes.

The picture shows interior of a Lemko chyza in the Maziarska Farm in Łosie, phot. Jarosław Mazur, LEM.fm archive 2014.


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