Vladimir Khylyak, “Short stories” (volume I, II or III)


Author: Vladimir Khylyak

Title: Повісти і оповіданя (том I, ІІ або III) / Short stories (volume I, II or III)

Introduction and editing: Olena Duć-Fajfer

Translated to Lemko by:

vol. I: Petro Murianka

vol. II: Petro Murianka, Anna Maslana, Olena Duc, Olena Duc-Fajfer

vol. III: Petro Murianka, Anna Ryzhanych

Publisher: Ruska Bursa Association

ISBN: 978-83-63568-09-2

Print Length: vol. I – 599 pages, vol. II – 567 pages, vol. III – 611 pages


In this book you can find one of the most important short-stories of all times.

Vladimir Khylyak was placed first in the history of galician-rusyn society. Apart from its advantages, he showed the weaknesses at the same time. […] Vladimir Khylyak, as the first person in Galicia, got rid of false idealism and sentimentalism in his stories.