Deliciously, and with red pine mushrooms – weekend Red Pine Mushroom Festival in Lemkovyna

Tomorrow, the weekend of 1-2 October 2016, the Red Pine Mushroom Festival starts. It is already the 9th edition of the event that takes place annually in the autumn, in Wysowa and nearby villages. The festival, organized by the Old Spa House, is the only event of its kind in Lemkovyna, for all the mushroom pickers and gourmets of this food. The Lemko land bestows us with mushrooms, although there are also years of infertility sometimes. However, those to whom mushrooming has been handed over for generations, will always find something in their secret places.

There were times when the Festival’s attractions were, for example, performances of Lemko music ensembles. This year, however, the only Lemko accent, and apparently, the most important one, is the fact that the event takes place in the Lemkovyna region. The event’s attractions are: red pine mushroom hunt – on the first day, in the morning. The participants will collect these particular mushrooms in the nearby Lemko forests. Then, the mushrooms will be used in culinary competitions as the main ingredient of the food prepared. Some events within the festival will also take place in the nearby Blechnarka village which borders with Rusyn villages from the Slovakian side – Stebnicka Huta or Vysny Tvarozec. Also, a photography exhibition will be presented within the event. It will show the beauty of the Lower Beskid, which means, the beauty of our Lemkovyna. The event’s program includes many handicraft workshops and other activities. You can get more information about them here.



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