Fence around the church was reconstructed in Uličské Krivé


Fence around wooden Greek Catholic church of  the Archangel Michael in the Rusyn village of Uličské Krivé has been reconstructed after several decades. The information  was provided by Korzár Slovak daily.

The project was possible thanks to the donation within the Village revitalization programme (Program obnovy dediny) which amounted to almost 500 EURO, according to the village’s administrator, Milan Sichak. Almost 40 percent of the fence is said to had been made out of iron, provisionally.

According to the administrator, the village is regularly visited by tourists, mainly in order to see the church. That was the reason behind the renovation. The works lasted for two months. They were made by the village’s inhabitants who normally take care of the area around church.

Church of  the Archangel Michael

The Greek Catholic church of the Archangel Michael in the village of Uličské Krivé was built in 1718. During the II WW, in 1944, it was damaged a lot.

It was built in log construction, on stone facades. It is of boyko style. The church has two towers and it is composed of three parts with a threshold. The higher tower is located above the threshold and the lower – above the presbytery. The higher tower has two bells, the oldest one dates back to the 1811.

There is an iconostasis from the XVIIIth c. There are some precious icons on the lateral walls: the Archangel Michael, Jesus with the Heavenly Bodies, Hodogetria etc. The icon of Mandilion deserves attention, an image of Jesus on a canvas that is located at the choir. In the presbytery, there is a precious icon of the Virgin Mary who is holding the body of dead Jesus in her arms. Another precious icons are those of St Nicolas or Christ Pantocrator. They date back to the XVI and XVIIth centuries. Probably they are from the previous church of the village.  The iconostasis was completely reconstructed in 1988-1992.

Photography source: slovakia.travel



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