Ruska Bursa

Ruska Bursa is the oldest Lemko social organization. It was established in 1908 in Gorlice. After a temporary interruption related to historical events, the activities were resumed in 1991 and since then, Ruska Bursa remains very active on many levels related to Lemko identity. The association’s headquarters is still located in Gorlice, in an already historical building, however, members and associates of Ruska Bursa are active on the whole territory of Lemkovyna, as well as other places in Poland, for example in Kraków, Warsaw, Legnica. There are also people outside Poland that are involved – wherever Rusyns live – in Presov Rus’, Ukraine, United States and others.5_bursa_2010

Ruska Bursa Association’s areas of action that aim to sustain the sense of Lemko identity:
  • educational (organization of lectures, linguistic courses, or educational camp for children in Lemko Educational Farm in Gładyszów),
  • cultural (organization of concerts, exhibitions and workshops of Lemko tradition, Lemko customs and craft),
  • pedagogical (organization of start and end of the school year for children and the youth, trips to the theaters, museums, etnographic museums etc.),
  • publishing (publishing of a periodical “Ruska Bursa Annual” (the only Lemko scientific yearbook), establishment of book series “Library of Lemko Classic” – printing of works of Peter Polansky, Vladimir Chylak and others under the series, Lemko music album releases),
  • running of a library, an archive and a Hall of Memory of Ivan Rusenko,
  • establishment and running of the first Lemko radio which broadcasts continuously, as well as news portal and weekly,
  • establishment and running of Terochka child/youth musical ensemble and Terka, theatrical group. 

Ruska Bursa Library is opened from Monday to Friday from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. 

It is possible to arrange an individual meeting in order to have a read in the library, or to borrow books at different times. Write directly:

Board of Administration of Ruska Bursa Association in Gorlice, appointed at a General Meeting in Gorlice on 5 March 2016:Chairman: Paweł Małecki

Deputy Chairman: Damian Trochanowski
Secretary: Natalia Małecka-Nowak
Treasurer: Bogdan Gambal
Member: Olena Duć
Member: Andrzej Trochanowski 

Make-up of the Audit Committee of Ruska Bursa Association in Gorlice appointed at a General Meeting in Gorlice on 5 March 2016: Mirosław Pelechacz, Barbara Duć, Mikołaj Paduchowicz.
 Functioning of Ruska Bursa culture center in Gorlice 2017 was realized thanks to a grant of Ministry of the Interior and Administration.
Adress of RB Association in Gorlice is:
Stowarzyszenie “Ruska Bursa”
ul. Sienkiewicza 28
38-300 Gorlice

Chairmen of Board of Administration of Ruska Bursa Association in Gorlice from the time of reactivation on 1 June 1991:

1. Olga Kania (1.06.1991 – 14.12.1991)
2. Paweł Stafiniak (14.12.1991 – 25.09.1993)
3. Bogdan Gambal (25.09.1993 – 30.04.1995)
4. John Kwoka (30.04.1995 – 25.08.2001)
5. Bogdan Gambal (25.08.2001 – 07.03.2015)

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