Delegation from the Slovak Ministry among the Rusyns of Vojvodina

As the Ruthenpress informs, yesterday (26.10.2016), Ruski Krstur was visited by delegates of the Ministry of Education of the Slovak Republic: the Secretary – Peter Kraynyak, as well as his office’s chief – Miro Osifchyn. The aim of their visit was, planned for tomorrow, a meeting with the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development of the Serb Republic in Belgrade.

Within the delegation, Kraynyak as a Rusyn activist in Slovakia, decided to visit also the Rusyns from Vojvodina. During the visit in Ruski Krstur, the delegates visited the middle school of Peter Kuzmiak. They were welcomed by the school’s head, together they paid respect to the monument of the school’s patron. Further, the delegates visited the Rusyn Mother – Rusyn organization, a member of the World Rusyn Congress. They were hosted by its head, Djura Papuga, with whom they had discussions concerning the current situation of the Rusyn movement in Serbia. The delegates visited  also the National Council of Rusyns in Serbia.

The last point of the visit in Ruski Krstur was a meeting with the local priest of Greek Catholic Church of St. Nicolas – priest Michael Malatska, who presented the guests with the history of the parish, the oldest one in Serbia. Then, they attended the service and went to see a Basilian monastery in Kula. Today the delegates stay in Novy Sad.

Peter Kraynak was appointed for his function in March 2016. He has been active in the Rusyn movement in Slovakia since youth. He took part, among others, in many actions of the Rusyn Obroda, he was also one of the initiators of the first meetings of Rusyn youth in Presov which gave birth to the Young.Rusyns organizations.

phot. the delegates by the monument of Peter Kuzmiak; source: Ruthenpress


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