Olena Duc-Fajfer, “On either side of a thought”


Author: Olena Duc-Fajfer

Title: По обох странах думкы / On either side of a thought

Illustrations: Krzysztof K. Balavender

Publisher: Ruska Bursa Association

Print Length: 105 pages


Olena Duc-Fajfer – Lemko poetess, essayist, academic. The first collection of poems was published by her in 1985. Then, she published her works in periodicals and anthologies. She writes in Lemko, translating her works to Polish in a parallel way.

Krzysztof K. Balavender has been photographing for 25 years. In 1983-1990 he worked with a gallery in Wroclaw. He travels with his camera (Norway, the Crimea, Syberia, China…). He prepared an album and a documentary for Polish Televison entitled Today’s China. He cooperates with national and ethnic minorities in the Lower Silesia.