Paweł Stefanowski, ”Wiersze wybrane”


Pavel Stefanovsky’s poems reveal to the reader the familiar world of the Lemkos.

This petite, in appearance inconspicuous man – our Father – faced up to
everything that befell him. He was steadfast. For us, his children, he will always remain a model of intellectual courage and persistence of purpose.

He devoted his entire life to reviving the world of imagination and values of the Lemko community after the drama of displacement by creating institutions that united the community. He established a museum, song and dance ensembles, and wrote petitions to the Polish authorities demanding that the harm done to the Lemkos be rectified. He refused to allow their tradition, history and achievements to be irrevocably destroyed. These actions made the Lemkos feel more self-confident, as their identity and right to return to the land of their ancestors was confirmed
ancestral lands.

Despite repression by the state security apparatus
Father worked tirelessly to make sure we were heard and given

He was a respected poet. His poetry often drew on his sense of injustice,
but there is no moral blackmail in it. There is a reflection on the deportation of the Lemkos as a tragedy of a blameless people who became victims of the Polish government in the postwar political turmoil.

He would have turned ninety in 2022.

Lidia and Stefan

Веце про збірку чытайте гев.


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