For the Holy Week – “Presov on the line” – Wednesday, 8PM

Rusyns started the Passion Week – the last week of the Lent that will end with the feast of Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Every few years all the Rusyns celebrate Easter together, independent from the calendar used by a particular Church. This year Ester will be celebrated together by the Gregorian and Julian calendar users. This is better, as then there will be no problems when the Lemko boys will want to go to the Presovian Rus’ and together with the Circan girls have fun at a Rusyn disco in Orlovo or Sabin. Holidays at the same time give the opportunity to visit the neighbouring villages, meet and spread the joyful news from table to table.

Although the last days of the Lent are free from school for many, maybe even from work, we are working. The board from Presov also does not get slower and thus, today we can listen to something. “Presov on the line” in Perlichka will inform on the church festival, a kermess in Bac Krstur that is called there – kyrbay.This will be a report from the kermess. This is not all, as further series of our Presov broadcast will be awaiting you.

We are waiting for you according to our Florynka time.

According to the Rusyn.fm programme format: We bring current information from the Rusyn environment and outside. With us, you will always be up-to-date on the most important information and with the Cultural kaleidoscope, you will never miss any cultural-social event in your region.


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