Hurry up! – the end of March is coming

We remind and we are going to remind all the time. The V Rusyn Festival in Svidnik will be taking place from 22-28 May this year. And we also know that the event is worth participation of every Rusyn man and Rusyn woman. The week-lasting festival is not only about dancing and jumping on the stage, to which we got used to at other events. In Svidnik there is big emphasis placed on organization of other events which truly increases its position. Also it needs to be emphasized that the festival prepares a programme for all the age categories, including the youth and children. Within the week programme, the festival enables participation in presentations of Rusyn pulishers, theatre plays and other meetings dedicated to history, culture and language of Rusyns.

The last three weekend days of the V Rusyn Festival in Svidnik constitute entirely concert part that takes place in the local amphitheatre. You can watch professional and semi—professional Rusyn ensembles on the stage, children groups and the stars of the evening – famous and not only famous Rusyn music bands.

What is related to the weekend show in the Svidnik amphitheatre – the tickets for the three-days part of the festival are much more cheaper in a pre-sale. Until the end of March the tickets can be acquired for 3 euro each (from today only three days are left). In April the tickets will be sold for 6 euro and from May – 9 euro. All the details on preferred discounts and – which is basic – the place where you can purchase a ticket for a better price – you can find on the website of the Rusyn Festival in Svidnik. More about the biggest Rusyn festival in the world whose patron is LEM.fm for the following year, you can read on our website.


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