Musical workshops in Ruska Bursa

The Ruska Bursa Association in Gorlice invites for musical workshops that will take place next Saturday, on 10 June at 10AM.

The workshops will be held by Andrzej Trochanowski – a violinist, composer and arranger.  Since the youngest years he has been actively participating in theatre-musical performances prepared by Petro Murianka on the occasion of different events related to religious and social life of Lemkos. For a dozen or so years he had been a member of the Lemkovyna ensemble led by master Jarosław Trochanowski. He is a member of the youth church choir of the Orthodox Przemyśl-Gorlice Eparchy Irmos, a director of which is Marianna Jara; he co-creates the Club de Moll group, as a guest he performs with Lastivochka, Kychera and many others. Currently he has been managing the Bursa ensemble – Terochka, also he arranges folk Rusyn songs and composes music for choir and band to the authorial Lemko works.

These will be entertaining-educational workshops. Anyone can take part, you do not have any musical experience, there are no age limitations. You will have the opportunity to learn Rusyn songs, try yourself in playing percussive instruments – you will spend time in a nice way. The entrance is free!


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Наталія Малецка-Новак

Хоц по школі інжынєр, то не тыкат ся роботы по тзв. фаху ;) Зато уж од вельо років доносит о вшыткым, што ся діє на Лемковині. І не лем. Штоденньо од 11.00 год. веде lifestyle'овый проґрам «Пачісна година» , а в суботы о 9.00 год. чытат для Вас порталь. Контакт: natalia@lem.fm