Language Hocus Pocus (live) – Friday, 8PM

I am not sure when we started to talk about  the rules of letters І И Ы in Lemko. Or maybe I forgot. Today – less theory, more practice. We will beat, throw, embroiden, getting used to some rules of correct spelling of problematic letters І И Ы.

All of this in Language Hocus Pocus on Friday, 7 April 2017, in the only one real  in  the world Lemko radio – LEM.fm. Premiere live at 8PM. Stay with us!

 (and have you counted how many І И Ы were there in the sentences?) 😊


О авторі

Демко Трохановскій

Актуальні ховат дві дівкы, а медже, по і попри тым - редактор інтернетового порталю lem.fm. Любитель языків. Вшыткых языків.