Lemko partisan groups – “From the Lemko archive” – Thursday, 8.30 PM

In the memory of Lemkos during the fight against fascism, the most remembered was participation of Lemko volunteers and “volunteers” on the side of the Red Army. But Lemko partisans are often forgotten, there were plenty of them in 1939-1945 and they carried out quite spectacular actions. Today in the Lemko archive you will get to know what partisan groups functioned in Lemkovyna, who managed them, what were the biggest actions against German occupier.

We invite for the premiere of the “Lemko archive” on Thursday at 9PM according to the Lemko time. Only in lem.fm!


О авторі

Павел Ханас

Новеско-лабівскій любитель істориі Балканів і габсбуржской монархіі. Обсерватор розвитку медженародовой політикы і русиньской культуры во вшыткых куточках світа.