“Lord, the Rusyn nation is begging you…” – the cross in Zdynia downed

A cross located in Zdynia, Lemkovyna, near the road to Konieczna, fall down a few nights ago. The reasons for the  damage are not known, but the interviews with the inhabitants and other people provided us with information that the reason for the damage could have been most possibly strong frost and wind.

Unfortunately, after the last sad events of damaging Lemko boards with Lemko names of villages (damaged among others Lemko part of the board in Gładyszów that neighbours with Zdynia), we can think of other assumptions if maybe someone damaged the cross, as damage of Lemko three-bar crosses made by Lemkos took place not so long ago, as well as robbery of iron parts of the crosses. However, in this case such a hypothesis has to be rejected– as the inhabitants are saying themselves.

The cross in Zdynia was set in 1966, as one of the dates on the board says. The inscription that was put below the cross was a patrotic apostrophe to the Lord for peace and protection from any misfortunes and for times when Rusyns from Lemkovyna return home. The cross was sponsored by blessed memory Michal Sandowicz (1939-2003) -a grandson of a martyr Maksym Gorlicki on a land that belonged to the Sandowicz family and then  in 1966 was bought back by them.

Whether and when, and mostly by whom, the cross will be renovated – we still do not know.

Inscription, photo of summer 2015.; phot. LEM.fm archive

The cross before damage, summer 2015; phot. LEM.fm archive

Below we put the condition of damaged cross. Photographies were sent to us by Anna Szmajda.


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