Outside-Bursa eggs painting!

For a dozen or so years, the Ruska Bursa Association organizes common workshops on painting eggs on the Palm Sunday. This year it will not be any different.

Again, all the willing will have the ocassion to meet before the Easter and on the joyful day of Entry into Jerusalem start preparing to the biggest church feast in the year. Of course, painting eggs to the basket is only a part of preparations but the tradition of eggs painting has always been very vivid among Lemkos. Which does not change when it comes to Bursa workshops is the way of decorating eggs – very popular among Lemkos – by writing the eggs with beeswax put with a glass needle. It is also unchanging that every year a group of people comes including both permanent participants and the novices. Further – always at least one, sometimes two instructors are present who are also masters of this art (below you can see the pictures of exemplary eggs by one of the instructors – Andrzej Małecki). There are always boiled eggs prepared for the participants, coloured beeswax (the years of practice have shown neither American wax pencils do not colour wax as good as shoe polish) and a small jar with a liquid to colour ready eggs.

This year everything will be the same  when it comes to the next workshops with the only difference that the place of meeting will be somewhere else. This year, exceptionally, this will not be in Ruska Bursa but in the village centre in Gładyszów. This was the idea of Gładyszów’s village administrator who is also a member of Ruska Bursa Association – Mirosław Pelechacz. The invitation was accepted (we are glad to be offered such good ideas) and as a result, we inform – the next workshops on painting eggs will take place on 9 April in the village centre in Gładyszów at 2PM.

Thanks to the Bursa meetings, the art of painting eggs will be long remembered as one of the beautiful traditions of Lemko minority.


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Наталія Малецка-Новак

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