Presbytery in Ługi burnt

On 30 November 2016, a fire at the presbytery of the Orthodox parish in Ługi took place. Neighbours noticed the fire around 5.30PM. The household were not home at this time, so nobody got hurt. Fifteen fire groups took part in the action, in the morning they succeeded to put out the fire.

The presbytery was built 17 years ago by priest Artur Graban – parish priest in Lugi and Brzoza. He is the head of Lemko Tower Association there. Until the unfortunate events took place last week, he had lived in the presbytery together with his family – wife and three daughters. There, documentation for different projects was stored, as well as archive documents, computers with data, souvenirs, everything stored since 1999. All of this burnt completely.

The estate was estimated for about 0,5 million zlotys. Inhabitants of Ługi and friends started to gather the most necessary things for the family. Thanks to them, the family will have a temporary shelter. On Facebook there is a fund-raiser organized for reconstruction of the presbytery in Ługi. The details are available here. You can support them financially, transferring money to the account:

06 8362 0005 0397 7220 2000 0010

Parafia Prawosławna św. Michała Archanioła w Brzozie.


with the title: ODBUDOWA PLEBANII

photo above: Facebook action of help in reconstruction of the presbytery


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