“Presov on the line” – the fourth week of March – Wednesday 8PM

And it has come. Jar (spring) – it is spring for which the editorial board of the Lemko radio has been waiting so much. Although probably it is not only us, it is everybody who was fed up with winter that – which is not odd – is the longest in the mountains. It is the easiest for the ones from the exile – there, when there is only little snow and frost, they panic and lose the energy. And we are not talking only about our Lemkos from the exile – no! It is the Americans that have always the biggest problems with this as there, when the winter comes, everything stucks for two days, people get moody, do not go to work and those who were born in the old ountry laugh at this the most – they are not afraid of strong winters.

But let us leave the winter for now. The spring has come, which is visible also at the Carpathian Rus’ where the snow has entirely thawed and there is no frost. This weather will be good for organizing any cultural events, festivals big and local. The biggest festival will take place at the end of May in Svidnik – the Rusyn Festival but until it comes, also other events will take place. And see – right now it is visible that the “Presov on the line” is a good programme. Because here, apart from our history, literature and other topics of which we have the right to be proud, we can get to know something from our cultural events, within the Cultural kaleidoscope.

In the „Presov on the line” there will be also other issues referred to – as always. For example, today the Presov editorial board of Rusyn.fm will tell you a story (within Perlichka) about an extract from the Karpatska Nedilya (Carpathian Sunday) magazine of 15 July 1940 where they were writing that in schools and Rusyn administration in the Subcarpathian Rus’ stick to the principles of Rusyn grammar by Ivan Harayda. Thus – as you can see – it is worth listening.

We are waiting for you after 8PM according to the Florynka time frame.

According to the Rusyn.fm programme format: We bring current information from the Rusyn environment and outside. With us, you will always be up-to-date on the most important information and with the Cultural kaleidoscope, you will never miss any cultural-social event in your region.


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