“Presov on the line” – the third week of March – Wednesday 8PM

We already thought there will be no end to the winter. It got colder on Saturday and Sunday but today – on Wednesday – it is warmer. We do not know whether to put such an extreme thesis to combine the arrival of Wednesday with a premiere of the only eductional programme. Maybe better no – we may be accused of wizardry, and you know what happens to such people (they are judged!). One of the Polish proverbs says that in March it is like in a pot (w marcu jak w garncu). True – on time it is extremely cold and the other – boiling hot. It is snaky. This is the world – not only human is able to cheat, the weather also. These days our Lemko editorial board is sick, luckily we can rely on the Presov one. Maybe it is simply better in Presov? Answer yourselves.

And now let’s get to the essence. In the new edition of “Presov on the line” the Historical calendar will welcome you. Within Our celebrities we will recollect Jurij Kostjuk – born in the Subcarpathian Rus’, an eminent musician and teacher whose heritage is precious not only for Rusyns, but also Slovaks, Czechs, Ukrainians. In the Literature we will listen to the poetry of Michal Dobva and Stefan Smolej: Az sja pid Kamjanov. There will be also the Cultural kaleidoscope (because as we know, culture is important in the life of every Rusyn). You are very welcome.

According to the Rusyn.fm programme format: We bring current information from the Rusyn environment and outside. With us, you will always be up-to-date on the most important information and with the Cultural kaleidoscope, you will never miss any cultural-social event in your region.


О авторі

Севериян Косовскiй

Народженый на чужыні. Матуриста з лемківского языка. Завершыл юридичный факультет Вроцлавского Університету. Окрем того што гев, час-до-часу дописує до часопису Бесіда. Головный редактор Лемківского Річника. Любитель давной Лемковины. Годен годинами слуxати про втрачене лемківскє щестя. Контакт: seweryjan@lem.fm