Terochka concerts in Kraków again

Visibly, this city liked the Bursa ensemble from Gorlice. One month ago, on 3 January Terochka was caroling on the Kraków Main Square within review of caroling groups and with their new performance they started this year’s concert season. Next Sunday, on 5th February, you will have the occasion to hear Terochka again, this time in the “Literacka Kawiarnia” at the Kraków Kazimierz district. The ensemble will present a little bit of Christmas repertoire, the audience will also hear traditional Lemko songs. On the day of the concert, you will have the opportunity to buy a newly released CD of the ensemble, for a promotional price. The entrance is free, so every amateur of Lemko music can come and enjoy the Lemko compositions in a warm and cultural place.

Terochka ensemble functions by the Ruska Bursa Association  in Gorlice. It was established in 2008 by Andrzej and Halina Małecki. Then, it was managed by Susanna Jara and Sławko Trochanowski. Since 2014 the group has been led by Andrzej Trochanowski. The ensemble is giving more and more concerts, mainly they accompany events that take place in Ruska Bursa. Their repertoire, apart from folk songs, includes also authorial Rusyn compositions.

Literacka Kawiarnia is a place where meetings with artists are organized regularly, the artists present various authorial fields of artistry, art and knowledge. The place is a combination of a cafe, bookshop, but most of all there is a place with a stage designed for concerting and meetings with interesting people. The cafe is located in the middle of the “Jewish” district – Kazimierz in Kraków, Krakowska street 41.

The concert of Terochka starts at 6PM. Here is the link to the event.

http://www.lem.fm/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/listochku_chervenyiy-1.mp3 teroczka-okladka-krzywe.indd


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