Well-kept monument – will any of the churches be distinguished?

Until 31 January 2017 monuments can entered for the competition of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage entitled Zadbany Zabytek (Well-kept Monument). These should be monuments that were renovated this year or have undergone renovation works.

The aim of the competiton is promotion of appropriate care of monuments, including popularization of the best patterns of maintenance and usage of monuments. Objects may be entered for the competition that have been included in the national registry  of monuments. The entries may be made within several categories:

  • preservation of historic value of an object,
  • adaptation of historic objects,
  • wooden architecture and construction,
  • industrial architecture and engineering construction,
  • special category: appropriate using and steady care of an object.

The entries will be given opinions by employees of local affiliates of the National Heritage Institute which, based on the conservatorial project, its verification with the works carried out, as well as through complex getting to know the conservatorial documentation of the works, will give an opinion and assign points. The opinions are sent to the Competition Jury who, on the base of the documentation and opinions, gives the decision on the award.

There is little likelihood that any of the Lemko churches be distinguished this year, mostly because in 2016 renovation works of neither of them finished. Renovation works are still being carried out, for example of the church of Archangel Michael in Świątkowa Wielka or church of St Peter and Paul in Krynica. Three years ago one of the competiton’s laureates was the Orthodox church of Protection of the Mother of God in Hańczowa, the parish priest of which is W. Kaniuk.


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