Workshops of Lemko singing with Julia Doszna

The Maziarska Farm in Łosie, which is an affiliate of The Museum of Karwacjan and Gładysz Family Manors, organizes singing workshops within a programme entitled Master of tradition. The master will be a Lemko vocalist Julia Doszna. Known for her characteristic vocal and interpretation of folk Lemko songs passed through generations, the artist will teach a group of willing participants various folk songs. She will be accompanied by Antoni Pilch. All those who already sing, as well as those who would like to start, can sign up for the workshops.

Master of tradition is a programme realized by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage. The aim of the direct master-student relation is to pass knowledge related to a culture of non-material heritage of a particular group or minority. It may be the art of singing, dancing, knowledge of traditional farming or handicrafts and folk art. Cultural institutions, social organizations and others can sign up. Last year the Maziarska Farm in Łosie organized a series of workshops entitled New life of wood, during which a folk artist of woodcarving, Bogdan Kareł, passed the knowledge of carving in wood. The result was an exhibition of the students’ works. More about the workshops and the exhibition was included in one of the archival articles on our website.

Workshops with Julia Doszna will take place on 24 February at 5PM in The Museum of Karwacjan and Gładysz Family Manors in Gorlice. The workshops are free of charge, it is enough to sign  up earlier, via email to zagroda.maziarska@gmail.com or via phone 18 353 43 63, 601 411 590.

Julia Doszna has released 10 CDs. She has been present on the musical stage for several dozen of years. She was a soloist in the Lemkovyna ensemble for a long time, an ensemble under conduct of Jarosław Trochanowski. She cooperates with jazz, classical musicians and other artists who are in love with Lemko folklore. Currently she is concerting with Antoni Pilch, with a repertoire that includes songs from collections edited by a Polish ethnographer – Oskar Kolberg.


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