Further renovation works in Polany Surowiczne

Further renovation works will be carried out in Polany Surowiczne – a village located in the eastern Lemkovyna. It is a continuation of reconstruction of the brick-built bell tower that has  completely crumbled in the last 65 years and since 2012 the original look has been restored to it regularly.

According to the main organizer of the works, recently the activists succeeded to meet the vogt of the Jaśliska Commune – Adam Dańczak, as well as the secretary, who got to know the schedule of works for the current year. The organizers of the renovation works discussed also the issue of cooperation with the commune and the vogt approved of the whole project. Apart from that, Jaśliska Commune became a partner of the project concerning renovation of the Greek Catholic tower bell in Polany Surowiczne.

The renovation works’ organizers are mainly volunteers from the Tourist Club Styki Association, Student Circle of Beskid Guides Warsaw and Magurycz Association who have been carrying out the tower bell’s renovation for several ages (step by step), the tower bell is located in the already nonexistent village. In 2012 the walls were protected, in 2014 the roof was covered with a wooden roof that is to be replaced by a reconstructed one soon – roof that used to surmount it seventy years ago, with a dome and a cross.

One of the main aims of the volunteers was to regulate the legal standing of the tower bell. Since 2015 the owner of the land on which it is standing has been the “Sarepta” Greek Catholic Youth Association from Nowica. In this way, the tower bell symbolically returned to the Greek Catholic Church.

The project of covering the tower bell’s roof with the dome is to be carried out in 2017. The new roof with the dome – after broad consulting and gathering of opinions – shall reflect the domes above the threshold and the middle part of the church in Wisłok Niżny in the eastern Lemkovyna. The final project of the tower bell in Polany Surowiczne was prepared inspired by the neighbouring object. The height of the whole reconstructed tower bell, together with the cross, will be almost 17 metres. The height of the left stone walls of the tower (they were renovated and strengthened, also windows and doors were put there) is 8,6m, the height of the roof with the dome is 8,3m.

We would like to suggest that you can endow the project of saving the Lemko tower bell by transferring money for the account of the “Sarepta” Greek Catholic Youth Association.

Information on the account to which you can transfer money:

76 1500 1559 1215 5003 7213 0000 Stowarzyszenie SAREPTA, ul. Zdrojowa 8, 33-380 Krynica Zdrój

Necessary with the noteRemont dzwonnicy w Polanach Surowicznych. 

You can find details on the website of the project.


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