Sub-Duklan Umelec Folk Ensemble (PUL’S) is searching for professionals

Our only professional folk ensemble – the Sub-Duklan Umelec Folk Ensemble (PUL’S), has announced further recruitment for female members. It means that this time the Presovian ensemble is searching for the fair sex that would perform a professional job within the folk ensemble.

The last recruitment meeting took place on 27 October 2016, but the ensemble’s directors decided to announce further recruitment. It will take place in two weeks, on 18 November 2016 in a ballet room of the ensemble in Presov. The ensemble is searching for young girls who would be employed in the ballet team. Welcome are those candidates who have any experience in ballet or folk dance, or who have belonged to other Rusyn non-professional ensembles.

The professional job within the ensemble may be not only the way to earn for a living, it may also develop your hobbies, enable to perform on world stages (distant tournees), but also – and maybe most of all – it is preserving Rusyn culture.

The Sub-Duklan Umelec Folk Ensemble was founded in 1955 in Presov, as a Ukrainian ensemble back then. In the group, which is composed of three parts – the dancing, singing and musical part – more than 40 artists are employed. It has brought up more than 500 professional vocalists, musicians and dancers. Today they are instructors, soloists or members of other folk ensembles, both in Slovakia and abroad. Nowadays the ensemble functions as a professional Rusyn cultural institution that presents the highest level of artistic activity, being the model for many similar non-professional Rusyn groups of this kind in the world, who are impressed by every field of the ensemble’s activity  – the ensemble presents an absolutely highest level of professionalism in this field. More information on the ensemble’s history is available on their website.



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