The wise woman herbalist’s puppets to stay healthy

Tomorrow, that is, on Saturday, 24 September, you can go to Łosie, to the Maziarska Farmhouse, where individual puppet workshops will take place. However, it is not about ordinary puppets made out of cloth –  these are filled with aromatic herbs.

These puppets will be good for health – herbalist puppets, to save your home from illnesses, so that they will not get in. In the old times, such puppets were hung above cradles or put near ill people. The puppets were filled with various herbs, depending on the need. To have a good, deep sleep – melissa, lavender or hops were used. As a cold remedy – pine needles or sage. Lavender together with musk were used to drive moths away. Back then, people used to be close to nature and they used anything it provided them. Nowadays, we recall these old practices step by step.

When you visit the Maziarska Farmhouse, you can see a photography exhibition there – The women of Łosie are coming – dedicated to the women from Łosie – the wives of Birch Tar Producers. The exhibition, which opened on the annual Day of Birch Tar Producer, contains archival photos from private collections of the village’s inhabitants, families and descendants of Łosie’s Birch Tar Producers. The exhibition is strengthened by the women of Łosie’s descriptions of clothes, descriptions of their everyday life, family events and feast days fixed in the old photographs.

The workshops start at 11 a.m. Enrollment at: 18 35 34 363 or 601 411 590.

photo Maziarska Farmhouse in Łosie with a church in Bortne.


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