“Churches and icons of Lemkovyna” in Przemysl

On Sunday, 19 February 2017, an authorial meeting related to the promotion of Church and icons of Lemkovyna book by Jaroslaw Giemza will take place. The book’s premiere took place in December last year, the first promotion meetings took place in Gorlice, Rzeszow and Krakow. Here you can find more about the book and the author.

The next place of the book’s presentation will be a conference room of the Metropolitan Office of the Przemysl-Warsaw Greek Catholic Archeparchy, 10:45 AM.

The book is a monumental work which comprehensively represents the church art culture within Lemkovyna region, placed in the context of the Russian-Byzantine art. The book opens with 4 introductions. The first three were written by: a Catholic, Greek Catholic and Orthodox priests, the fourth introduction is from the author – Jaroslaw Giemza. The first chapter concerns the byzantine tradition in the church art and architecture. The second one is a continuation of a precious article by
Jerzy Tur from before 30 years ago (J. Tur is an eminent specialist within the wooden architecture – a man who dedicated his whole life to saving material heritage of the southern-eastern Poland, he died in 2009). The third chapter refers to the interior of a church, iconostasis, icons, altars, authors of the wall paintings, and the fourth chapter includes much useful information, for example how to read dates or shorts on icons in the Old Church-Slavonic, as well as other inscriptions.

Jarosław Giemza is an eminent specialist on church art. He has been the manager of the Department of Church Art by the Castle Museum in Łańcut for 25 years, he is also the author of tens of articles on the church art, editor of many scientific works concerning church art.

Listen to Jaroslaw Giemza inviting to read his new book (in Lemko):



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