Meeting with priest Mirosław Cidyło – Christmas customs in the Orthodox tradition

Next Friday, 16 December 2016, The Museum of Karwacjan and Gładysz Family Manors invites for a meeting with a priest of Bartne parish of St Cosmas and Damian  – priest Mirosław Cidyło. The aim of the meeting is presenting the guests with Christmas customs that accompany the Orthodox Christmas tradition. The event starts at 5PM in The Museum of Karwacjan and Gładysz Family Manors in Gorlice.

The priest is involved also in other events, organized by the Museum in Bartne due to the fact that the former Greek Catholic church of St Cosmas and Damian is nowadays a part of the museum. There, from time to time different events are organized, starting with ecumenic reading of the Bible in which the Orthodox, Greek Catholics and Catholics take part, finishing with icon, pictures and photography exhibitions.

Last year, priest Mirosław Cidyło was honoured for custody concerning old objects that belong to his parish. Among others, he was appreciated for renovation works and adaptation of the former presbytery’s building into the Parish Historical and Nature Museum, as well as carrying out restoration works of the three churches: in Bartne, Bodaki, Wołowiec. Recently, lem.fm  portal and LEM.fm weekly informed about the further lot of the Piołunka cross that used to surmount the Orthodox church and today, thanks to among others Damian Nowak, Ruska Bursa and priest Cidyło – it is stored in the exile, in Stodołowice village where the biggest number of the former Piorunka inhabitants lives nowadays.

Photo: Mikołaj Grycz


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