“Nicolases” nominated to the Artistic Award of the Lublin City

Last year we informed on our website on the new CD of Mody and Kody that the Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja released. Now the Lublin group has been nominated to the Artistic Prize of Lublin City for releasing of the CD.

The announced list of the nominated to the awards for culture includes the Orchestra in the artistic part, together with two other individual nominations. Together with the Nicolases, also the Academic Centre of Culture “Chatka Żaka” is nominated that was the publisher of the CD. Mody and Kody is the ensemble’s tenth CD and you can find there 12 compositions inspired by the Polish musical tradition. The songs are partly a combination of the form known from folklore ensembles and they refer to the customs and playing of today’s stylized arrangements (more about the CD you can find in the link provided above).

Within the long years of activity, the Orkiestra Św. Mikołaja has introduced Lemko accents in  their repertoire. They started with many songs played in Lemko at some concerts and the crucial point of the Lemko area was Lem-Agination CD that was released in 2007. The recordings resemble traditional Lemko band and the characteristic vocal. You can hear characteristic for Lemko music hard playing with the bow and natural reconstruction vocal. With this and other Lemko offerings the Nicolases visited for several times among others the Lemko Vatras in the Exile and Michałów. The closest to Lemkovyna concert of the ensemble will take place within the coming Dni Gorlic (Gorlice Day).

You can read more about the competition of Lublin city in the link.


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