Rusyns behind the ocean are preparing Easter meetings

The time of Lent is a good moment to prepare to Easter not only spiritually , but also to expand knowledge or remind the Easter traditions in this period – also important in the lives of Rusyns. Even more because most of church festivals for Rusyns – both at home and outside the Carpathians – in the past and these days – have been inseparable from national customs that emphasize  the uniqueness of Rusyn Easter traditions. According to what has been the recent trends (and when it comes to trends, organization of many events that remind of Easter traditions), American Rusyns are going to meet to, for the following year, continue the precious tradition of decorating eggs and talking about our Easter customs.

Local emigration in the South Carolina

Next Saturday, 18 March 2017, the first of the meetings will take place among the local Rusyn emigration in the South Carolina where in Fort Mill that is located near Charlotte (St. Philip Neri Church in the Ministry Center, 292 Munn Road East, Fort Mill, SC), double workshops on decorating eggs will take place. They will be carried out separately for adults and for children. The organizers inform that the workshops for Rusyn children are free of charge, but the adults are asked for 10 dollars. The event begins at 1:30PM according to the local time. Go here for details.

Texas will share what is in the basket

The second event organized by the Carpatho-Rusyn Society from the USA will take place in the historical state of western – Texas, Plano located near Dallas. The event will be dedicated to preparations for Easter, or actually, rejoicing in the fact that Christ has risen, literally by looking into the traditional basket. What does the basket include, why is it sausage, salt? – These questions will be answered by the locals. Rusyn basket is a rich basket, that is why all the participants will have the opportunity to try the blessed food (this year’s Pascha is on 15/16 April according to both Julian and Gregorian calendars). Additionally, the local affiliate of the  Carpattho-Rusyn Society will celebrate the second anniversary of establishment. On this occasion a cake will be served. Details are available here.

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