“Unity in diversity” musical performance

On Sunday 27 November 2016 in Kraków a musical performance took place. It was organized by the Fellowship of Orthodox Youth, entitled: “Unity in diversity.” The play was presented in the basement by the Ortodox parish of Dormition of the
Mother of God. There, guests gathered, not only the parish members, but also friends and family of the performers.

The youth aimed to show the beauty and richness of cultures from which they come from. Among them where Polish, Russians, Belarussians, Ukrainians, Dutch, but also Lemkos. The idea arose at one of this year’s first meetings of Orthodox youth. It was originated by a priest who supported the  youth from the very beginning. First of all it was to be a concert, but with time it turned into something else. Two girls, Ania Wer and Julita Nikolajuk thought about performing a play where they wanted to show one day from life of a faithful, young girl. Their idea met with approval of the other members.

The main heroes were two young people, a boy and  a girl who lived according to their traditions. They lived Christian lives. In the morning they prayed, then worked in the field and helped their parents. In her free time, the girl met her boyfriend.

The play included songs from different places of the world, for example Ukrainian “Ridna maty moya,” Belarussian “Mahutni Bozha,” “Lublu nash kray,” Lemko “Ey, povidala rybka rybci”, Polish “Zasiali górale,” Russian “Rodyna.” The play was enriched with poems of well-known poets – “Niepewność” by Adam Mickiewicz, “Ruki maci” by Maksym Tanko and a fragment from Petro Murianka’s poem entitled: “Teren kvitne.”

The choreography and scenario was prepared by the youth themselves. The performance showed that although the performers were representatives of different nationalities, they found a common language. The conclusion is that no matter where we come from, we are all connected by church, by it we can reunite, meet, develop.

Two Lemkos took part in the play – Aleksander Klinkowski and Igor Trochanowski. They introduced the beauty of Lemko culture to the audience playing on instruments and singing.

I think that the job the youth made should be hailed, it should be also an example and encouragement for others, other young Lemkos, to present and spread the beauty of our culture across the world.

We congratulate the participants and wish them consistency.

Videoreport is available in the links: introduction and the main part. Below photos are available from the performance, the author is Katarzyna Świerkot.


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