Meeting with the sacred art of Lemkovyna in Sanok

Jarosław Giemza – the author of a monumental book entitled „Churches and icons of Lemkoovyna” does not stop active promotion and he invites for further meetings with the publication. Next Friday, 10 March 2017, an authorial meeting will take place in the Historical Museum in Sanok where from 5PM, as at the previous meetings, a lecture on the eastern Churches in Lemkovyna will take place, as well as presentation of the book itself.

So far, similar meetings have taken place in the Museum Karwacjan and Gladysz Family Manor in Gorlice, at the Greek Catholic place in Kraków, as well as at the Metropolitan Office of the Przemyśl-Warsaw Greek Catholic Eparchy. Earlier, the author met the bishops of the eparchy, whose jurisdiction covers Lemkovyna. The book was granted to the Orthodox bishop of Przemyśl-Gorlice – Paisjusz – as well as to a Greek Catholic Metropolit of the Przemyśl-Warsaw Archeparchy, an Archbishop Yevhenij.

At each of the meetings, Jarosław Giemza not only refers to the history of Churches and other factography, but as we could hear in the LEM.fm radio ether, he presents his book in details. The author tells how one should read it and understand, as it was divided into three comprehensive chapters that present the church culture from the Byzantine times to the present day. Apart form that, the book includes also a detailed commentary – a continuation of the precious article by Jerzy Tur from before 30 years ago that refers to the state of Lemko churches back then, emphasizing that many precious things would vanish for ever and not only because Rusyns were resettled, often with the help of new settlers and caregivers of the churches. So far, during the authorial meetings, you could acquire the album for a lower price. The book that is almost 700 pages of colourful paper long, includes additionally a  map of the churches in Lemkovyna, as well as from the neighbouring territories. Apart from that, there is comprehensive study on, e.g, the iconostases, with detailed data such as dimensions. Go here for a detailed description of the book.


О авторі

Севериян Косовскiй

Народженый на чужыні. Матуриста з лемківского языка. Завершыл юридичный факультет Вроцлавского Університету. Окрем того што гев, час-до-часу дописує до часопису Бесіда. Головный редактор Лемківского Річника. Любитель давной Лемковины. Годен годинами слуxати про втрачене лемківскє щестя. Контакт: seweryjan@lem.fm